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WOMEN LAI JIANG ZHONGWEN! 我们来讲中文!Let's Speak Chinese!

Jasmine Kong-Yan Tang

This book is for those with experience learning Mandarin but need confidence interacting in everyday situations. What distinguishes Let’s Speak Chinese from other language acquisition guides is the emphasis on practical usage and the promotion of self-learning.

To speak the language with ease, one needs to find the courage to simply ask for what you want in order to receive what you seek. Once you are able to do so, then vocabulary, grammar rules, and intonation will flow more smoothly in your speech.
There are four chapters based on common themes, each illustrating typical dialogue. Now, dive in!



About the Author: Jasmine Kong-Yan Tang

Professor Jasmine Kong-Yan Tang is a faculty member at SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Monroe Community College and SUNY Empire State College. Professor Tang has been the Distinguished Chinese Language Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Literatures at SUNY Geneseo since 1990. Professor Tang is a nationally recognized and award winning educator, and has been a Chinese language teacher for over 30 years. Professor Tang is also an accomplished author, her latest publication Let’s Speak Chinese is the first Geneseo Author’s Open Textbook, and is also available in print.

  • Let's Speak Chinese! Interactive eBook
  • Let's Speak Chinese (no audio)
  • Let's Speak Chinese--Hyperlinked Sound files

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